Last Comfort



Lasting Comforts has been working in the industry for more than 25 years. We have over 20 thousand clients on the Wasatch Front, Heber Valley and Park City. Our company has one simple philosophy we work from. “We all have good intentions but the outcome makes the difference”. No matter what price of systems We install the outcome of value and service will exceed what you pay for everytime. The electronics environment has changed drastically over the last 20 years. Our dedication to value and function are our core values. Rigorous attention to cosmetic and ergonomic realities insure beautiful technology integration into your home. You will find We take our business very seriously and will greatly appreciate your life long relationship. We are in business to create and install systems that bring “Lasting Comforts” to our clients homes, businesses and lives.



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Secured Systems



Secured-Systems, Inc. was created to extend the operations of Lasting Comforts, Inc. into the light commercial arena.  The need for value based commercial Audio-Video, Security, and Camera installations has never been greater.  The oppressed corporate environment can benefit from our unique skill set.  Light commercial business needs a value solution for their low voltage systems.  We are wiring and wire management experts!!!    Let us wire and install the systems and let your IT guy program and control it.   We are IP Savvy on Computer Networks, Hotspots, Audio-Video, Security, and Camera Systems. We can bring the Cell Phone Tower right outside your building with external Cell Phone Booster Systems.  We can easily handle the value multi-media conference room or display areas.  We can program and Install near bullet proof value Control Systems. We will buy your TV’s at Costco and Sell you the mount and professionally install them!!   (without all the wires, cable box, and power cord hanging down)  We are happy to do the small job and grow with your company.

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